10 Social Media Marketing Terms You Should Know

Oct 16, 2017 | Web Services

When discussing Social Media Marketing, there are a few terms you should know before investing in a full SMM plan to fully understand how to track and build your ROI.

Social Media MarketingSocial Selling

A sales concept that uses social media communications to engage with prospective customers with helpful content and information about products or services.

User-Generated Content

Content that is created by consumers, basically making your customers brand ambassadors by having them create videos, photos or even articles that help promote your brand, product or services.


Refers to soliciting ideas or content from a group of people, usually on an online platform such as Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.

Clickthrough Rate

Clickthrough social media metric that represents the number of times a visitor clicked on a post or ad divided by the total number of impressions the content received.


Application Programming Interface (API) is a documented interface that permits various software applications to interact.

Link Building

Refers to an aspect of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in which websites earn links from other sites with the goal of improving their search engine ranking.


PPC stands for “Pay Per Click” which is an online advertising tool that displays ads on various websites or search engines, and the company that created the advertisement incurs charges each time a user clicks on the ad.


Geotags can attach directional coordinates to anything you post online whether it be a photo, video or status on various social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Native Advertising

The strategy behind native advertising is to make an ad feel more like a conversation than an actual ad by formatting the ad to appear more like a post that you would typically within the network.

Social Proof

This is the psychological phenomenon in which people take cues from others on how they are supposed to act in a particular situation. In social media, this phenomenon manifests as people tend to follow and share social media posts or pages that have a lot of shares and likes under the assumption that it must be good because it appears to be popular.


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