10 Websites Every Digital Marketer Should Bookmark

Sep 25, 2017 | Blog, Web Services

Every digital marketer loves tools that will make their daily tasks easier, especially if those tools and assets are free.

digital marketerThe only thing better than free online tools to make your job easier as a digital marketer is free ice cream delivered to your desk. Well, there’s no ice cream websites that provide that kind of service (yet) but there are a number of websites that provide free tools and various assets to make your daily digital marketing tasks a bit easier.


Stock photography is expensive but every digital marketer knows it is a necessary accessory to any website, blog, or social media post. Most marketers don’t have the massive budget needed to obtain photos from Shutterstock or Getty Images so an alternative like Pixabay is a relief as they have a wide range of photos available for use. The best part is that unlike 123RF’s free images selection, you can download large sizes of photos from Pixabay at no extra cost.


This is not only a fun site but very helpful when crafting website content and blogs that will leverage strong SEO words that receive better visibility on Google. It basically works like this, you put in two words (ex. Microsoft vs Apple) and Google Fight’s algorithm will present you with a visibility score that takes into account the number of results returned by Google on its search engine for each quire.


This free image website offers high-quality vector images, PSD’s, JPEGS, etc. These vector images aren’t just simple, basic shapes thrown together. All the images available (and there’s a plethora of them) are dynamic, engaging and absolutely stunning. Even if you are a graphic designer, this website can save you a lot of time by finding something that fits your needs without spending hours trying to create it, also great to browse if you need a little inspiration.


Advanced Marketing Institute’s website is filled with great content for marketers, however, there is one section of this site that will be useful no matter what field you’re in – Headline Analyzer. This insightful (and free) tool will help you analyze the Emotional Marketing Value of your headline. You’ll also find out which emotions your headline impacts the most from Intellectual to Empathetic, to Spiritual. Simply type in your headline and then choose the industry you’re writing for and the headline analyzer will give you a full breakdown.


Need to some stock footage on a zero-dollar budget? No problem! Videvo.net has a huge library of free stock footage ranging from animals, medical, space, sports, and a lot more. Considering what Shutterstock charges for stock footage, you should make this site your first stop when in need of some footage or motion graphics. Also, you don’t have to create an account to download anything, not that it would be awful if you had to, but it’s kind of a bonus that there’s one less step to take when trying to download what you need.


Coming up with blog topics is difficult when trying to post regularly enough to have an impact on your SEO. Industry-specific news sites, Twitter, Google Trends or Wikipedia are great places to browse for inspiration but that can take up a lot of time. Hubspot’s blog topic generator can help cut some of that time down by giving you some broad aspects to discuss within your chosen subject.


Photoshop is expensive, so the next best thing is Gimp, but that’s no walk in the park to use either unless you have several hours to dedicate to YouTube tutorials. However, there is hope with Pixlr – a free web app photo editor that you can transform objects, work in layers, replace colors or just apply a quick fix to your photos.


Ok, so technically this isn’t a website you’ll really need to bookmark, but rather a download all Microsoft Windows users should have. Color Cop will help you identify any color code with a simple eye dropper that you drag across your screen and hover over the color in question. Color Cop will provide you with the hex color code and copy it to your clipboard so you can make sure you are consistently using the correct, on-brand, color for your website, logos and more.


The name says it all, except for the best part – the fonts are free! You can browse for hours to find the perfect font to download and start using in just about any application (Word, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.). There’s anything from fun retro fonts, to movie fonts, and even holiday inspired fonts. While the fonts are free for personal and recreation use (websites, blogs, posters, etc.), commercial use of the fonts is up to the creator. Most downloads come with a licensing file outlining the creator’s policy on using the font for commercial use.


Out of all the free things to find online, sound is probably the hardest. This is one of the rare gems that actually has free sounds you can download and seamlessly drop into your editor of choice. Much like a few other websites on this list, the library entirely consists of what other users uploaded.

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