3 SEO and PPC Lessons We Can Learn from Indiana Jones

Apr 4, 2018 | Web Services

So, what can a fictional archeologist teach us about SEO? Here are three moments of wisdom that can easily remind us of some best SEO and PPC practices.

SEO and PPC CampaignsThere are moments in cinema that resonate with an audience beyond caring for the characters involved in the plot. Sometimes there are moments, themes, or dialogue that connect on a completely different level including your job. So, what can a fictional archeologist teach us about SEO? Here are three moments of wisdom that can easily remind us of some best SEO practices.

SEO Research

In the third movie, The Last Crusade, Indiana is lecturing to a classroom and describing the daily life of an archeologist. He states that most of an archeologist’s time will not be spent hunting treasure, but rather in the library doing endless research. This is the best way to sum up how you will be spending your time creating an SEO campaign – research. The importance of being able to identify keywords and phrases to implement in your strategy is imperative for your content marketing success.

Targeting Languages and Misspellings

Still drawing from The Last Crusade, there is a moment where Indiana must cross a puzzle-like floor by stepping on the correct tiles to spell a name. The first tile he steps on is incorrect and he almost falls through the floor due to his assumption as to how he thinks the name is spelled in one language without considering any other languages. This is an avoidable mistake with targeting keywords and phrases. During the research phase, it is important to consider regional dialects and word modifications. This is especially true when organizing a campaign in an agglutination language. Targeting colloquial, or even misspelled, words or phrases can drive a surprising amount of traffic that even the best SEO tools might not even think to add to your campaign.

Timing Your PPC Campaigns

In the first Indiana Jones movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana has to unveil the location of the Ark by propping an amulet up in the air at a precise time of day. Doing so allows the sunlight to reveal the hidden location of the Ark. This brings us to an often-overlooked aspect of SEO, particularly with PPC campaigns – timing. Knowing how your campaign is performing throughout the day, even down to the hour, can provide valuable insight as to where and when to focus your time, attention, and budget when launching your Adwords campaign to hit that golden spot to appear in front of your target audience.

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