4 Ways Managed Print Services Save You Money

Dec 12, 2018 | Business Equipment

What you may not have considered is that time spent paying attention to your printing and copying equipment, could be costing valuable time: 30% more than necessary to be exact. When time is money, it matters.

Think about your office printer.

It does essential work for your organization. In fact, without it, your team would probably be fairly lost. From everyday office printing to preparing for events and even creating a customer mailing campaign or two, you rely on a printer that runs efficiently, prints professionally, and allows your team to work at the most efficient level possible.

While your printers and copiers are central to daily operations, they probably aren’t your top priority. That’s why you don’t notice them until something goes wrong – the ink runs out, the toner becomes low, a jam takes time out of your day, or, a mass print job goes awry. When that happens, you certainly notice. Suddenly, your printer, copier or another piece of printing equipment becomes a top – time-consuming – priority.

What you may not have considered is that time spent paying attention to your printing and copying equipment, could be costing valuable time: 30% more than necessary to be exact. When time is money, it matters.

That’s When Managed Print Services Become Valuable

Managed print services provide regular maintenance, reports on equipment usage, necessary accessory supplies and more as part of a contract designed to keep businesses functioning at their most optimal level of performance. It may sound straightforward enough to handle in house, at least on the surface, but, because it’s not your team’s top priority, it’s bound to take more time (and expense) than necessary.

Below are four specific ways managed print services could help your business save both now and in the future:


1. Reduces Waste Output

That five-page document that required 4 extra printing attempts before getting it right due to a printer or copier malfunction just used 20 extra sheets of paper. Multiply this by a workforce of 20 or even 50 and you could be looking at serious waste potential.

Had the machine been serviced and cleaned properly, this could be avoided. Because printing equipment maintenance isn’t at the forefront of your priorities most days, this scenario is probably more common than you think. However, since your printing equipment is what your managed print service provider is focused on, it can be prevented.

Taken one step further, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reports, can help you identify specific areas of waste by bringing usage patterns to the forefront. This analysis tool is critical for pinpointing areas of improvement and additional cost savings.


2. Cuts Burden to In-House IT Teams

Your in-house IT team has enough to focus on. Wouldn’t you rather have them cut software downtimes and keep your critical programs running smoothly than troubleshooting a piece of printing equipment that is causing trouble?

Keeping your team closest to the business functions that are most critical is an often-overlooked advantage of working with a managed print services provider.


3. Reduces Unexpected Service Calls and Expenses

When a printer or copier goes down and your internal team is unable to remedy the situation, a service call is inevitable. This leads to an unexpected expense, not to mention the time your team wasted trying to fix it in-house.

Sure, with managed print services, unexpected repairs may be necessary. But, thanks to ongoing, proactive maintenance, it’s much less common than when a piece of equipment is managed in-house.

What could you do to grow your business with the budget you allocate to unexpected equipment service calls?


4. Ensures Equipment is Right for Specific Business Needs

You can certainly head to a major printer supplier or big box store to find a printer or copier that feels suitable. But, because this is outside of your area of expertise, you may not be as familiar with the product you select as you’d like.

A managed print service provider with experience working with businesses and organizations like yours can listen to the needs of your team while suggesting pieces of equipment that make the most sense in terms of outputs, durability and other important considerations. Simply working with the right equipment from the start could be more important than you’ve previously considered.

Instead of looking at managed print services as an extra business luxury, consider the way they could serve as a cost-saving investment for your business.

To learn more about the managed print services available through Higher Information Group, visit https://www.higherinfogroup.com/business-equipment/managed-print-services/.

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