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May 15, 2017 | Web Services

Videos are tough to produce but can have a huge impact on your audience engagement levels. So instead of opting out of creating video content, here are 4 websites that will help simplify the process.

social media videosVideos are tough. You have to research and obtain the right equipment. Learn how to use it, scout a location, write a script, find people who are willing and available to be in the video. Then finally it’s off to post-production where you have to bring everything together before finally sending your message out to customers. It seems like such a daunting task that many companies just opt out of producing video content entirely. This can be a problem, however, when creating a message that will resonate with consumers as Rhythm and Insights report that combining video with full-page ads can boost engagement by 22%. You could always contact a vendor to produce videos for your organization, but this can be extremely costly, which brings us back to in-house solutions.
You could spend weeks, or even months, trying to master an animation program like Adobe Animator or Blender, or you can use to create professional-looking animated videos to connect with customers about your products and services; you can make a simple animated ad or a complicated how-to tutorial. This is about as close as you can get to having the freedom of a professional animation program without having to take an animation class or watch dozens of tutorial videos on YouTube. provides users with polished templates that can be easily edited to fit your message or brand when you need to promote a product or sale. This site is worth your time to check out as their pricing structure includes a free plan. Naturally, when you move up into the pay plans, you receive more options, but the free plan gives you enough access to get a feel for what can do and how you can leverage it in your digital marketing plans.
Similar to, this website provides you with templates with drag-and-drop elements and a very fluid and intuitive interface. You also have the option of uploading your original artwork as well. has serval package options, each one comes with a 7-day free trial, so you can at least test it out before committing.
If you’re looking for simple, quick and easy, is perfect. Much like or, you have various templates that can be edited to fit your message and branding. The only downside is that this website is a bit more limiting than the others on this list. You can modify the color scheme, add text and images, however, you cannot adjust the clipart, font or font size. Even with those limitations, it’s worth checking out as they do provide a free plan that will allow you to test out their capabilities before committing to an annual price.

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