5 Fun Digital Easter Egg Hunts

Mar 28, 2018 | Web Services

It’s the season where large rabbits hide multicolored eggs in various locations for children to find, but what about adults? Well here’s some digital Easter Egg hunts with fun rewards for you to follow.

Digital Easter Egg HuntIt’s the season where large rabbits hide multicolored eggs in various locations for children to find, but what about adults? Why should grown-ups be excluded from the fun? Well instead of crashing your neighbor’s egg hunt, follow these digital Easter Eggs for a fun reward.


Google has a ton of hidden gems waiting for you to unlock in the search bar from shaking, to rolling, to time travel (well to 1998 anyway). While all of those make for a few fun moments, the best ones are the secret games! For instance, if you go to Google Images and type in Atari Breakout, you will be rewarded with a classic Atari arcade game. So if you’re reading this at work, fire up a new incognito window and give it a try.

The Konami Code

The Konami Code has a fascinating origin story in that it was created as an ultimate video game cheat code so developers could test and complete games faster (granting extra lives, continues, health and so forth).  As most people will recall the Konami Code goes something like this – up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A Start. Well, there are a few websites that have used this same code (substituting “Start” with “Enter” on the keyboard) to create some cool hidden Easter Eggs. Sites like Buzzfeed, GQ (U.K.), and many more all respond uniquely to the Konami Code.

Wikipedia Easter Egg Hunt

Wikipedia is a rabbit hole already with the many entries that link to other articles that can keep you entertained for hours! Much like the hidden gems of knowledge, there are hidden eggs as well. Should you decide to visit and search, pay close attention to the small hedgehog in the photo of the rabbits on one particular page.

Chrome’s Hidden Game

The internet is a beautiful thing, except when it doesn’t work. If you are a Chrome user, you have probably seen the “cannot connect screen” before with an adorable 8-bit looking dinosaur. Instead of flipping the desk in frustration, just hit the spacebar and enjoy!

Android’s Flappy Secret

You might be familiar with the mobile game Flappy Bird that rolled out in 2013 only to be quickly pulled off the digital shelves in 2014, but what might surprise you is that the game is still available (sort of). If you own an Android smartphone, head over to your settings, scroll all the way down to the bottom and tap “About Phone.” Next, continually tap the “Android Version” listing until a piece of candy appears (it varies depending on your version). Tap and hold on the candy until the Flappy Bird-like game looks.

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