5 Newsworthy Virus Attacks of Early 2018

Apr 11, 2018 | IT Services

It’s only April but there are plenty of news articles popping up already about some big virus hits. While some new ones have cropped up, the majority of hits are ones you’re probably already familiar with in some form.


Virus attacks 2018WannaCry Strikes Again

Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company, fell victim to the ransomware virus. Fortunately, the intrusion only affected a small number of systems. WannaCry did a lot of damage last year, and the trend continues in 2018, but there are steps you can take to stop the next hack.

Colorado Held for Ransom

Ok, so the entire state wasn’t held up for ransom, but several computers were after a ransomware attack that cost up to $1.5 million to clean up. This intrusion that results in cyber criminals demanding bitcoin is not subsiding in 2018, but fortunately, organizations are not giving in to the demands.

Facebook Messenger Virus

This is a return of a virus from 2017 that has cropped up again in both Germany and Tunisia and continued to put Facebook users’ devices at risk for malware infections. This nuisance first appears in the user’s messenger as a YouTube link that appears to be from one of the user’s friends. However, the link redirects the user to a phishing site.

Atlanta Resorts to Paper

City workers resort to pen and paper as a massive ransomware attack wreaks havoc on their system. So far, the attack resulted in years of digital records lost or corrupted.  The cleanup continues, but there is no word concerning payments.

New Hampshire Struggles to Contain Attack

Portsmouth, New Hampshire’s municipal and police computers were infected with a browser-based virus that targeted usernames and passwords. The city continues to contain and eliminate the virus that is thought to have originated after someone opened an attachment in an email or website.

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