5 Social Media Tips and Tools

Mar 19, 2018 | Web Services

Managing multiple social media accounts isn’t easy, so here are a few tricks and tools to help with posting, engagement, and reporting.

Social MediaBookmark a Tweet

There is some debate as to whether or not a retweet, or even a “like,” is considered an endorsement. This can be a headache when managing your company’s Twitter page; especially when you come across a tweet, you may want to reference later. The typical protocol when this happens is just to hit “like” or retweet it, but if you’re unsure about how that tweet would fall in the debate of endorsements, you can always bookmark it on mobile by pressing the “share” button and selecting “bookmark.” This feature allows you to save a tweet privately.

Use Emojis on Desktop

Standing out on your followers’ newsfeed can be difficult. Often the best strategy to do so is by spending some time customizing your message with eye-catching Emojis. This is a simple task when posting via a smartphone, but what about on desktop? Sites like iemoji.com allow you to type out your messages and add any number of Emojis to your message. Once you finish, copy and paste your message onto any social media channel.

Template Posts for Social Media

It’s tough coming up with new content to post on a consistent basis when managing various social media channels. This is where a service like Canva comes in to help. Canva has a multitude of design templates for you to choose from based on both your industry and what social media page. For instance, if you want a quick Instagram post, YouTube channel art, or a Facebook banner, Canva will provide you with the correct dimensions so you can focus on your design.

Generate Quick Reports

You’ve done the work, used all the right tools but how do you know if what you’ve done is effective? That’s where a service like Rival IQ helps by pulling together your social media analytics and providing you with a detailed report. Rival IQ’s reporting system not only gives you a breakdown of your social media stats, but it also provides you with a statement as to how you stacked up against your competition on social media as well.

Real-Time Tracking and Reporting

Generating a monthly report is a must if you want to understand how well you’re performing on social media, but sometimes it helps to know what’s happening right now. That’s where Nuvi can help by providing real-time data visualizations that can assist with strategies that will help guide your decision-making process.


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