5 Ways Your Cellphone Can Be Hacked

Jun 22, 2018 | IT Services

You need to be able to utilize your smartphone to its full potential, but doing so can leave your device vulnerable. So here are a few ways you can freely use your smartphone while minimizing the potential to be hacked.

Cell phone hackThe best way to avoid ever having your smartphone hacked is to avoid visiting any website, never download any apps, and never let your phone leave your sight. Of course, doing all these activities almost defeats the purpose of even having a smartphone. You need to access your email, utilize various apps, and there will always be that moment of panic when you can’t remember where you put your phone. So here are a few ways you can freely use your smartphone while minimizing the potential to be hacked.

Be Careful with Open Wi-Fi

We’ve discussed before at length about how to stay safe while using public Wi-Fi but here is a quick review. Choose your Wi-Fi wisely to avoid wi-phishing and turn off file sharing and AirDrop to gain control over your device when you don’t have control over who is sharing your network. If you have to use an open Wi-Fi, do so using a VPN tool like CyberGhost which has a tiered service, but the basics are free.

Cautiously Allow Lock Screen Notifications

Every app wants to keep you engaged, and the best way to do so is by sending constant notifications. Most push notifications seem innocent enough, but if you’re not careful, you could inadvertently be advertising just enough information on your lock screen for someone to break into your phone. The contents of a text message, social media app, or calendar notification appearing on your lock screen could be just the small piece of info an intruder needs to gain access to your device.

Don’t Auto-Save Passwords

It’s important to set up unique passwords for every account, however, committing dozens of passwords to memory can be challenging. It might be tempting to let auto-login take care of that for you, however, should someone gain access to your phone, they will also have instant access to all of your accounts via your browser. Best practice is to utilize a password management app that requires regular updates to the master password.

Curb Siri’s Abilities

Siri can do some incredible things, including creating inadvertent loopholes for people to bypass your lock screen. Most updates tend to fix these loopholes, so it’s important to keep your iOS updated. However, with each update, there are potential for new gaps and most of them usually exist through Siri. Best practice is to disable Siri’s access from the lock screen by entering your settings and going to Touch ID & Passcode and then disable Siri from the lock screen.

Control Your Phone Remotely

Even if you follow all of the previous steps listed above, there are still many variables you can’t protect against when it comes to digital attacks. It’s essential to become familiar with “Find My Phone” in iCloud. From there, you can remotely lock, or even erase, your phone if it’s stolen. If you have an Android, you can secure your phone via your Google account or lock individual apps.





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