5 Ways to Speed Up Your Computer

Oct 30, 2017 | IT Services

There are many reasons your computer might be running slow, and here are a few solutions to speed it up.

Computer speedIt’s easy to blame a virus for your computer running slowly, but that is a common computer myth. There are a lot of reasons your computer might be slowing down that don’t necessarily have anything to do with malicious software, so to help, here are a few solutions to speed it up.

Pull the plug on startup programs

This is typically the most common reason for a slow computer. If you have several programs running in the background this will chew up memory and bring your computer to a halt. To fix this, open the Task Manager in Windows and take a look at all the programs running, their usage, and determine which ones you don’t need running in the background.

Schedule an annual hard drive purge

Your hard drive has a finite amount of space and as it reaches max capacity you will notice a dip in your computer’s performance. Be sure to run Windows Disk Cleanup to remove temp files (or do it manually to ensure all are removed) and feel free to delete any large files or programs you no longer need or use.

Stay updated

Make sure all of our programs are up-to-date, including Windows, your anti-virus, and your browser plug-ins, and drivers. Having out-of-date programs on running on your computer can cause serious performance issues.

Eliminate browser add-ons

As mentioned above, it’s good to keep your browser add-on updated, however, be sure to scroll through them and make sure you’re actually using them all. Too many add-ons can bring your web browsing to a crawl.

Clean your computer – literally

Like any other object on your desk, dust and dirt can collect on your computer blocking fans and vents. When this happens, you run a serious risk of your processor overheating and excessive heat can result in significant performance issues.

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