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Jun 19, 2017 | Web Services

You may have a great app but are you doing everything possible to get customers to download, interact and convert on the app?

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We live in a mobile-first world and the impact mobile has on e-commerce is shifting how brands are interacting and connecting with their audience. it’s important to communicate with your audience on a personal level by developing a journey between customers and your brand. Now you might say, “I already have an app” and that’s a great first step, but are you doing everything possible to get customers to download, interact and convert on the app? If you’re unsure, here’s a quick checklist of ways you can ensure you’re connecting with your customers through mobile commerce.

Push Notifications

You should strive to encourage customers to interact with your app and push notifications can achieve this by alerting them to news, promotions or any other information that would encourage consumers to open and engage with your app. Push notifications can be highly effective if used properly. Much like posting on social media, there is a line that a brand can easily cross from being informative to just downright annoying. If you think it’s hard to get people to engage with your app, imagine how difficult it will be if people start turning off their push notifications – or even worse, delete the app altogether.

Exclusive Offers

Giving customers a reason to download and interact with your app beyond just seeing inventory or receiving company news is what will keep customers coming back to your app. Offering special coupons, flash sales or promos (coupled with push notifications) is a great way to keep people checking in and engaging with your app.

Holiday Friendly

When we think of holiday shopping the last two months of the year are what usually spring to mind, however, being able to accommodate shoppers for holidays year-round can help you stand out. Having your mobile storefront sell and send gift cards or allow purchases to be sent with a gift receipt can give you an edge all year long. Consumers have come to expect quick, simple, shopping solutions and being able to send a last minute birthday gift from their smartphones fits their demands.

Store Locator

Obviously, if you’re an online retailer this doesn’t necessarily apply to you, but for retailers with brick and mortar locations, this is imperative. While the majority of your sales might be online, there is still a strong need for consumers to buy in person if the item is unfamiliar to them because the idea of possibly having to return it outweighs the convenience of buying online. With that in mind, it is important that consumers can easily find your locations should they be unfamiliar with your products.

Mobile Payments

This is what brings all of the above together – easy mobile payment. You can have the best-timed push notifications, amazing coupons, and gift shipping options but if you don’t have an easy-to-use mobile payment system setup then chances are customers will abandon their digital cart and head over to your competitor.

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