8 Strange Computer Viruses

Jun 12, 2017 | IT Services

We’ve covered a lot of nasty viruses in previous pieces, but there’s still a lot of room to talk about the oddities that have cropped up in the past.

The Implant Virus

This nasty relic of the 90s would display a picture of a female in a bikini right before completely wiping your hard drive, resulting in an awkward phone call to the IT department.

The Bounce Joke Virus

This virus is not for those prone to motion sickness as this virus will make every window on your computer screen jump around nonstop. So not only will you not be getting any work done but you’ll also be incredibly nauseous as you try to restart your computer.

The Techno Virus

Much like the music, the Techno Virus is confusing and entertaining at the same time. This pest will fill your screen with the text “Techno” while techno music plays in the background. Once your screen is completely covered an even larger version of the text will appear on your screen.

Creeper Virus

What originally started as a self-replicating experiment came to be eventually known as the very first computer virus. While it didn’t do much damage to the computer, it did a lot to weird people out with a message appearing on the screen saying, “The Creeper is Watching You.”

MacMag Virus

Most viruses are designed for a malicious intent that will ultimately benefit the creator. This virus, however, takes a different approach. Upon taking over your screen, this virus will deliver a message of world peace and then promptly delete itself from the host computer.

Stoned Virus

Similar to the MacMag Virus, this oddity brings a message to your computer screen “Your PC is now Stoned!” with “Legalize Marijuana” in the code, causing computers to request large amounts of cookie dough ice cream and late night Taco Bell runs.

Skulls Trojan Horse

Remember those 2004 Nokia cell phones that you could use to build a house? Well turns out they could also be infected with a Trojan Horse, attacking a number of vital applications.

Ika-tako Virus

A virus created in Japan in 2010 that infected between 20,000 and 50,000 computers through file-sharing networks. The virus would replace files with thousands of images of a red squid.

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