About Us

About Us – HIG manages information from inception to destruction across six different divisions including: IT, Business Equipment, Web Design & Development, Shredding, Document Storage and Printing & Mailing Services.

Who We Are

Higher Information Group started as a company focused on managing information throughout the document lifecycle. The company was founded 1969 as Harrisburg Copiers with a focus on providing clients with traditional business equipment. The company’s business model, practices, and expertise evolved. In 2001, the company was purchased by John G. Frisch, the current Owner and President of Higher Information Group. Today, HIG continues to grow and formulate new services that help businesses manage information, maintain compliance and develop processes that increase efficiency throughout the organization. HIG provides clients with services across six divisions including Business Equipment, IT Services, Recycled Shredding, Document Storage, Print & Mailing Services, and Marketing Services.

Delivering the Future. Now.

Business Equipment

Our copiers, printers, and shredders are available from top brands like Toshiba, Lexmark and more.

IT Services

Our IT experts are ready to configure and manage your network, install network servers, and more.

Mail & Print

Increase profits with an effective mailing campaign and branded collateral to grow your audience.

Web Services

Stand out with a dynamic custom website and strong SEO content with cloud optimization and more.

Document Storage

Whether it’s physical or digital, we can provide a protected location to store all of your information.


Our mobile shred trucks come right to your location and can shred your documents while you watch.

Join the Family

Our culture is defined by the way we treat each other. At HIG, it’s not just about what you have and what you can do, but it’s also about who you are.



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