Benefits of Digitizing Your Documents

Nov 16, 2020 | Blog

Going digital with your documents is the best move you can make to improve accessibility, productivity, and security. Document conversion is simply the process of converting hard copy documents into a digital file and storing it in a secure, easy-to-access location. What this really means is you’re able to free up workspace, secure your resources, and optimize workflow when you begin reducing your dependency on paper documents.

A few major benefits of document conversion

Easier collaboration

When all your documents are digital, your employees can access them anywhere, anytime, and work remotely. It also allows your team to work together in real-time without the endless back and forth communication for updated documents.

Increased productivity

Three words- instant search capability. You’re able to quickly search digital files without sifting through a stack of papers. Along with saving time, there’s no risk of losing paper documents in the shuffle of a crazy workday. 


If compliance is a large part of your industry, digital conversion makes audits less stressful because you have a clear paper trail, digitally of course. The risk of documents deteriorating over time is a problem of the past.


Easier integration into other systems, keeping up with changing times, and moving forward are a few appeals of digitization. Nothing says “we’re stuck in the past” like three rooms full of archived documents!

What can I convert?

Digital document conversion isn’t reserved for one specific type of document. Here are a few things you can convert and get out of your storage room:

  • Large volumes of paper files
  • Fragile historical documents
  • Photos
  • Wide-format documents
  • Microfilm/Microfiche

In this quick video, Director of Sales/Conversion Services Michael Glaser talks a bit about HIG’s experienced digitization pros and how we can help with your document conversion needs!

Moving to digital documents has a wealth of benefits. If you’re ready to take the leap and don’t know where to start, the team of scanning and storage pros at HIG are available to walk you through the process. Our conversion services professionals are experienced with the latest technologies and equipment. We’re happy to help you take a huge step for your business!

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