Keeping your documents secure and out of others hands.


Deskside shredders are convenient and fit right next to your desk for easy shredding of documents throughout the day.

Centralized Office

Shredding at security level 2, these shredders quickly get the job done while keeping your company’s personal information secure.

High Capacity

Just the tool to destroy large quantities of paper in a short amount of time. These powerful machines fit nicely in any centralized location.

High Security

Designed for federal, state or local governments or any project where National Security is an issue.

Special Solutions

Hard Drive Punches and Degausser, Optical Media Destroyers, Destroyit Hard Drive Shredder and Disintegrator.


Conveyor Systems, Collection Bins & Containers, Shred Bags, Oil, Shred Collection Carts and more.

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