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Managed Print Services

Managed print services allow you to gain more visibility and control of your printing as well as improve environmental sustainability and document security. Higher Information Group can provide an MPS program that can save you money and boost productivity.


FM Audit
Everything you need to assess, analyze, propose, monitor and market your MPS strategy.

Your data collection system partners to your ERP and with HIG as your service dispatch systems. We will be notified when your toner is running low and send you supplies without you lifting a finger.

The challenge is that most data collection options only offer one-way communication. This can lead to endless hours spent manually reconciling exceptions when a client changes a printer IP address.

FMAudit offers the technological innovation and industry experience to help you make the most of your managed services offerings. Developed on the .NET Framework, FMAudit also accommodates partner and third-party integrations. 

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This data repository holds all of the usage data from your customers' accounts and seamlessly integrates that data with your accounting, ERP or CRM system. This data can then be leveraged to create Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO) reports, account management strategies, and customized workflows for your supply and service alerts.

  • Data repository for the device data collected by FMAudit
  • Leverage the information to empower your staff to develop and act on your strategic business initiatives in both new and existing accounts
  • Hosting options:
    • Internally—dealer may install internally at their office and provide internal and/or external access to their employees and end users (customers)
    • Third party—outside hosting service
    • FMAudit shared—hosting service provided by FMAudit using a shared hosted server


Offers the most extensive data collection software tools available in the industry today. Information collected through our Data Capture Technologies goes into the Central Server and allows you to create reports, account management strategies, and set up supply and service alerts.

You can access and monitor your information through a variety of ways such as:

Onsite® - data software on your network,
FMAudit® Viewer - a USB device,
WebAudit - collect meters over the internet,
Local Agent - installing locally on PCs with printers.


Understanding your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) assessment is easy with integrated reports that help you understand your usage patterns. Not only does this provide data, it also provides reports to present during quarterly reviews.


Viewer USB creates many useful reports. Two of the most popular: Monthly Usage Matrix & Usage Vs. Recommended Duty Cycle.


There are more than 130 fields of information for each device (images, supply costs, yields, part numbers, etc.). This allows you to quickly create TCO reports based on industry information. This database is updated daily and synchronized with your server, ensuring you are always working with the latest data.


PaperCut's print accounting and print management software has been developed over ten years to help organizations wanting to save money on excess printing. With its roots implementing student print quotas in education (K-12, college to university), PaperCut has expanded over the years to cover all areas from business, to corporate and to government. We believe setting reasonable budgets or quotas and active monitoring is the key to controlling print usage across an organization.

PaperCut is the only true cross-platform print control software available, providing full support for Windows, Mac, Linux and Novell network environments. Our print management software is ideal for organizations of all sizes, from schools to engineering, graphic design, architectural, and accounting firms to advertising, legal and IT. PaperCut encourages the responsible use of company resources and helps to create an environmentally friendly workplace.

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PaperCut's print management software has helped over 50,000 organizations reduce their print costs and their environmental impact.


Key features for education at a glance:

  • Control student print quota, or charge for printing.
  • Track and budget staff printing by faculty or department.
  • Simple installation - starts working immediately.
  • Directory integration with automatic user account creation.
  • Simple web-based administration for office staff.
  • Automatic scheduling of credit/quotas.
  • Solutions for managing wireless laptop printing.
  • Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Novell, making PaperCut the most flexible and integrated management solution available.

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Key features for business at a glance:

  • Encourage responsible use of company resources.
  • Silently track printing and associated costs by individual user, office or department.
  • Printing can be monitored and reported or charged back on a per-document, per-user, per-client or per-department basis.
  • Actively manage the print process with filters, routing, and redirection.
  • Stay on top with regular print monitoring reports to analyze and audit printer usage.
  • Simple installation and easy to use. You can begin tracking immediately by installing on your existing servers.

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Key features for professional businesses at a glance:

  • A pop-up window actively prompts users to allocate print jobs to accounts, saving employee time, and reducing human error.
  • Save time by searching for accounts with keywords.
  • The advanced bill-back system automatically emails detailed account, business and invoice report to nominated persons.
  • Quickly import existing account/client/project structures including nested accounts.
  • A self-maintaining system requiring minimal administration.
  • Suitable for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Novell, making PaperCut the most flexible and integrated management solution available.

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