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Servicing Equipment

We strive on keeping a high first call closed percentage and want to properly address the customer's needs the first time they call, therefore eliminating the customer to follow up.

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We are a proud partner of  Fleetmatics.

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Performance Standards

Higher Information Group Central Dispatch should be contacted for all service issues. All concerns will be identified and escalated to the appropriate individuals. These issues will be documented and reviewed quarterly.

You can contact our management team directly to expedite the process. Simply, call our toll free number (800-564-7002 option 0) and ask for the appropriate individual.

Authorized Service Providers

Only authorized service providers will be contracted to perform service on equipment.

In the event that a provider is unable or unwilling to meet the standards agreed upon, Higher Information Group with the consent of the client we will use its loaner pool to temporarily place equipment with similar functionality in place until suitable and cost effective arrangements can be made.

Hours of Operation

Operating hours are from 8 am to 5 pm eastern standard time. Normal Holiday schedules apply.

All service calls placed outside of this time will go into a mailbox and handled the following business day.

In the event that certain agencies need service outside of this standard, arrangements can be made and after hour service rates will apply.

Response Time

Initial response time from the first call will be within 4 hours. The procedure for a service call once it comes into central dispatch:

  • Central Dispatch will contact the local authorized service team
  • Follow-up contact will be made to assure that some action is in the works
  • The local authorized service team is to close the call with Central Dispatch
  • If within 24 hours the call has not been closed, Central Dispatch will contact the local service provider.

Placing A Service Call

Call: 800-564-7002 option 2

Online: Submit Service Call

You will be asked for:

  • Equipment ID
  • Meter Reading
  • Description of the Problem

Dispatch will determine if an on-site visit from an appropriate technician or engineer is required. The end user will receive a phone call, which will provide the end user with an ETA with troubleshooting the problem over the phone.

Placing A Supply Order

Call: 800-564-7002 option 3

Online: Order Supplies

To order your supplies online you will have to log into your account and place a new shopping cart, and have your supplies sent to you in the mail or a technician will be out to install the product.

Another great option is our auto replenish for toner. This can be done through our Managed Print Services. 

Check out all our MPS options

Centralized Dispatch

Centralized Dispatch receives service and supply calls from end users on their copiers, printers, or fax machines. We track service call history and ensure service calls are completed in an appropriate time frame.

Consumer Benefits

  • Toll-free call for all service & supplies
  • The ability to place service or supply calls
  • Timely response & tracking
  • Reporting 
  • Summary service reports: 
    • Monthly 
    • Quarterly
  • Consistent holiday schedule


  • Calls are answered quickly
  • Respond to service emails
  • Calls are dispatched in a timely manner
  • Accurately create Remedy tickets
  • Close out calls
  • Submit training requests
  • Escalate customer inquiries
  • Properly document all customer contacts

Equipment ID Tags

Equipment ID Tags are the best way to identify a specific piece of equipment. This sticker is placed on the front of the machine. Customer service representatives can also identify equipment using a phone number or physical location.

ID Tag Example:

Higher Information Group
ID # 1-800-564-7002

"We had a few time-sensitive copying issues lately, and LIS's prompt service was much appreciated. In addition, Ark (HIG technician) arrived the next day on first request, same day on second request, and while on campus followed up a week later to remedy any remaining issues, which there were none. We appreciated this very thorough and courteous service by the entire team! Good job, each one of you!" 

- Dickinson College

Meter Reading

Automatic meter readings will be used for quarterly assessments. Newer equipment has the ability to scan or fax to email electronically export meter readings and limited service information.

In the event automatic meter readings are not available, end users will be responsible for emailing meter readings to Central Dispatch. If Central Dispatch is unable to get meter readings via email or a phone call, estimates will be used as a last resort. 



  • Excessive Service Report for any machine with three or more service calls.
  • Open Call Report will assess the responsiveness and the fit of that equipment.
  • Complaints are a top priority and will be handled immediately, however, these concerns will be compiled each month. In the event that they cannot be handled within 48 hours, the client will be informed of the situation immediately and the steps taken to resolve the issue.
  • Supply Usage Report will be provided monthly for all billable supplies.
  • Loaner Report lists all equipment loaned and the steps taken to resolve the issues.
  • Asset Allocation Report is a list of equipment replaced, added or removed.


Quarterly reports are for long term planning in Right-Sizing for the client fleet and finding cost cutting measures. These reports will be presented in person at your location to go over all recommendations.

  • Problem Machine Report will look at equipment that should be scheduled for replacement due to age.
  • Fleet Right Sizing Report will focus on maximizing the usage of your current equipment.
  • All equipment moves and reorganization will be at the client discretion.
  • Volume bands will be established to make sure equipment utilization is maximized.
  • Billable Supplies Report compiles supply usage for printers and fax machines to make sure that they are being used in the most cost-effective manner. This can be performed for supplies purchased through Higher Information Group.
  • Non-billable Supplies Report is used to make sure that equipment is running at peak performance.
  • Comprehensive Cost Analysis Reports will compare one-quarter to the next combining equipment cost, service cost and supply cost giving an overview of the entire operation.