Case Study: Phoenix Contact Mail Service Solutions

Jun 26, 2018 | Case Studies

Phoenix Contact had two internal employees managing their mail services

Mailing EnvelopesStruggling with Facilities Management of Mail Services

  • Cost: Current in-house mailing solutions were not matching ROI goals.

The Business Case

Phoenix Contact had two internal employees managing their mail services. The organization reached out to Higher Information Group (HIG) in hopes of streamlining their facilities management with outsourcing solutions.

Higher Information Group’s Facilities Management Solutions

  • Provided an open-vendor RFP (request for proposal) meeting.
  • Recommended three candidates, Phoenix selected the final candidate.
  • Current two internal employee roles were condensed to one outsourced HIG employee.
  • Trained a backup HIG employee to cover when the full-time employee is unavailable.
  • Once a month HIG provides an employee to visit for on-going training for the position.

HIG Delivers the Solution

HIG was able to provide Phoenix Contact with an in-house Post Office that is never down while also helping their organization turn two full-time employees into three full-time employees for less money and ultimately cutting costs by 30-40%.


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