Physical & Data Storage

Whether it’s physical or digital, we can provide a protected location to store all of your information including storage on our servers for off-site backups and provide you with secure access.

Physical Storage

Your data is your most valuable asset. The majority of companies that have a critical data loss due to human error, fire, flood, or electrical outages are out of business within two years. We are committed to protecting your information and privacy. We house a variety of document types including: Human Resource Records, Legal Documents, Financial Documents, Medical Records, Student Records, X-Rays, Engineering Documents, Artistic Renderings, Audio & Video Tapes, and Digital Storage Disks.

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Data Storage

Our growing data facility has the capacity for over 20,000 TB of storage space with exceptional data management, security, and disaster recovery. We can provide you with an off-site backup plan that includes all of your servers, files, emails and databases no matter your operating system. Utilize our enterprise document management application to organize all of your paperwork and integrate them into our search and retrieve document management system. As with any of our management solutions, we will customize a plan tailored to your needs.


Disaster Recovery

We can retain disk images and license information for your workstations, servers, and software. In the event that you have a disaster, HIG can restore your data directly from the images we have stored in our vault.



When it comes to data storage, your files will be located in a designated area in our datacenter, or on your own server. You will have your own unique credentials to access your information anywhere, anytime.



Higher Information group can archive files to CD or DVD when retention schedules have expired. The CDs and DVDs can be housed in our Document Storage Facility.

Facility Overview


Card Swipe System

A card swipe system manages employee access into the Document Storage Facility. Only key personnel will have access to the document storage area.


Fike Fire System

A Fike fire system utilizing Ecaro-25 gas eliminates the possibility of a fire in the document Storage Facility. Using gas instead of water, Ecaro-25 is non-corrosive and will not damage any documents if expelled from the system.


Bar Code System

All boxes are identified using a bar code system. Access to the document storage database will be limited to key personnel in the document storage department.


24/7 Monitoring & Access

One of our Project Managers can help facilitate a program that is right for you. Our solutions include all software, hardware, and technical support to allow you to retrieve your information when you need it.

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