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Data Storage

We have a solid track record of innovative data storage solutions with a facility that is custom-tailored and scalable to your document demands. Our data facility has the capacity for 105 servers and over 20,000 TB of storage space to accommodate your unique business needs with a focus on data management, security, and disaster recovery.


Higher Information Group can provide you with an off-site backup plan that includes all of your servers, files, e-mail and databases. No matter what your operating platform we can provide a secure solution tailored to you needs, providing you with uninterrupted access to your data and systems.


Utilize our enterprise document management application to organize all of your paperwork. We can integrate your electronic files and paper documents into our search and retrieve document management application. Every client has their own secure access and file storage area.


Higher Information Group can retain disk images and license information for your workstations, servers, and software. In the event that you have a disaster, HIG can restore your data directly from the images we have stored in our vault. 


Collocation is the action of placing things side by side in position. When it comes to data storage, your files will be located in a designated area in our datacenter, or on your own server. You will have your own unique credentials to access your information anywhere, anytime.


Higher Information group can archive files to CD or DVD when retention schedules have expired. The CD's and DVD's can be housed in our Document Storage Facility.


Our expertise and experience in Data Storage, Disaster Recovery and Managed Data Solutions and Security has helped a broad range of clients achieve secure access to critical data. Every client's data is stored in their own area within our data center. Dedicated hosting is available as required. As with any document management solution, Higher Information Group will customize a plan tailored to your needs. 

Professional configuration went into our Data Management Facility to ensure the safety of your data. Higher Information Group is committed to protecting your information and privacy. Our Data backup system utilizes 256-bit encryption and password protection. We monitor the network connections to our data center on a real-time basis. Physical access to the system is limited to key personnel only.


Higher Information Group utilizes various software programs to maintain your data integrity. All of the software we use is updated and routinely monitored for security patches and upgrades. HIG is a Microsoft Support Provider which enables us to receive software prior to release.

Higher Information Group utilizes state of the art software, which records all boxes entering our document storage area. HIG can review all access to this software system. All users are provided their own ID and login.

Our document storage software system enables us to enter in retention policies and destruction dates so our facility is compatible with your company's document retention policy.


Our data center software and server systems utilize 256-bit encryption and secure passwords. Our firewall and VPN system enable us to limit and monitor connections from the Internet to the data center.