Going Green at the Office

Apr 18, 2017 | Shredding

Celebrate Earth Day this year by Going Green around the office, creating zero waste and conserve energy.

Going Green at the OfficeRecycled Shredding

Clearing out office clutter is important, but did you know you can have all those shredded documents recycled? Higher Information Group provides Recycled Shredding Services that take your shredded paper directly to the mill, reducing the need for new landfills, prevents emissions of greenhouse gases & water pollutants, supplies valuable raw materials and stimulates the growth of greener technologies.

Tweak Your Printing

Set your printers and copiers to print double sided to save paper. Also, try making the font size a bit smaller, it doesn’t need to be drastically smaller, but even a point or two can reduce the number of pages you will need to print, and when you do print try to avoid color printing when possible.

Slay Energy Vampires

No, we’re not asking you to grab stake and some garlic and go exploring a creepy old house. Energy Vampires refers to electronic devices that continue to draw power while they are not in use, or as it’s also known as “standby mode.” When you leave the office at the end of the day, make sure you completely shut down your computer and any other electronics or lights…and speaking of lights…

Rethink Your Lighting

It would be ideal to paint every wall in high-gloss sheen to get the most out of the midday sun, but there are many parts of an office where that just isn’t an option. So when installing artificial lights, try using compact fluorescent bulbs or LED lamps. Once you have your lights setup, think about installing sensors for them so you’re not using electricity to illuminate an empty room.

Close the Loop

Closing the loop is a simple philosophy – create zero waste. This can be accomplished by recycling common items around the office such as:

  • Toner: recycled as a new commercial application as an additive to asphalt roads and other bituminous products.
  • Metals: There is a ready market for scrap metals and they become part of their respective commodity loops.
  • Plastics: Some of the plastic recovered from inkjet cartridges are recycled into pens and plastic from toner cartridges are used to make rulers.
  • Close the Loop has pioneered the reuse of mixed inks from scrapped inkjet cartridges for us in pens and flexographic ink.

Have a Plan for Going Green

When you have a thousand and one things to do around the office it might be difficult to think green all the time, so take the time to implement a strategy that makes it seamless for everyone to participate. For instance, set up recycling stations for can, bottles and paper next to every trashcan. Encourage everyone to use non disposable cups for their morning coffee. The little things add up, and the sooner you implement a strategy the sooner it will become second nature.

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