6 Google Search Tricks You Will Love

Feb 5, 2018 | Web Services

Google is basically the go-to for all of us and there are numerous ways you can enhance your searches with these little tricks that Google built into their massive search engine.

Google SearchGoogle is the go-to for all of us when searching for anything from recipes, how-to blogs, or the name of that one band that sang that one song you can’t stop humming. What you may be unaware of are the numerous ways you can enhance your searches with these little tricks that Google built into their massive search engine.

Narrow Your Results

It seems as though almost anything you type into Google comes back with millions of results, making it difficult to find that exact answer you’re seeking. If, however, you put a plus sign (+) in front of one of your search terms it will tell Google to emphasize that term. You can also exclude words from your search by adding a minus (-) sign in front of them. If you are still having difficulty bringing up a specific topic, try adding quotes around your search to focus on a particular category of information.

Partial Google Searching

Let’s say you’re trying to remember a quote or book title, but you only remember a few words. You can type in the what you remember and use an asterisk (*) for the words you’re unsure about when searching. This will help your intended search surface much faster.

Duel Searching

Have to topics you want to search or compare? Just type “OR” between the two subjects you’re Googling to bring up results for both items.

Search a website

Yeah, that’s right, you can search a website through Google. Just type the word “site” followed by the web address, and then the topic in the search bar and Google will come back with results from only that website. For instance, if you type in “site:higherinfogroup.com it services” will produce all content related to IT services on HIG’s website.

Find related websites

Whether you’re shopping, researching, or just browsing, it’s great to have options. If, however, you’re stuck in your search and don’t know where else to turn, try typing into Google “related:” followed by a URL to discover more websites that have similar content or products. For example, if you type “related:target.com” into Google, you will receive a list of other similar retail websites. If you want to take it a step further, you can add a topic next to the URL to display similar websites that carry relevant information or products to your search. So going back to our example, if we type “related:target.com watches” Google will now display similar retail websites that carry watches.

Use Google to stay focused

One of the best ways to concentrate on a task without falling down the internet rabbit hole is to set a time. Google can do this for you by just typing in “set timer for” followed by a specific amount of time. A beeping sound will emanate from the Google timer tab when time runs out.

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