HIG Acquires YMS

Jul 5, 2017 | Mail & Print

Higher Information Group is excited to announce the acquisition of York Mailing Services, bringing new services, stronger support, unparalleled quality, and unique brand synergy.

HIG YMS Merger

Higher Information Group (HIG), a multi-division organization that manages information from inception to destruction, is excited to announce the acquisition of York Mailing Services (YMS). The synergy of services and staff will strengthen our commitment to provide current and future clients with unparalleled content creation and distribution processes and solutions. This acquisition is a key part of our strategy to continue both our growth and the growth of our clients.

While York Mailing Services will become a Division of Mail & Print Services under the Higher Information Group name, operations will continue in York, PA. YMS as HIG will continue to provide all products and services including:

  • Presorted First-Class Mail: Reduce processing time by picking up your First-Class mail and presorting it at our high-speed facility before delivering it to the post office.
  • Mailing Services: Our automated inserting, folding and sealing machine can finish 5,000 pieces of mail per hour.
  • Data Processing: We’ll help you manage your mailing list updates, processing and storage with secure and efficient postal tools to deliver you the best postal rate.
  • Order Fulfillment: We assemble, shrink wrap, poly-bag, package, process, warehouse, mail or ship almost any variety of your campaign materials.

We will continue to engage with all clients as we create a roadmap to integrate new technologies, products, and services that will contribute to a more effective and efficient workflow solution.

About Higher Information Group

Higher Information Group started as a company focused on managing information throughout the document lifecycle. Our company was founded 1969 as Harrisburg Copiers with a focus on providing clients with traditional business equipment. The company’s business model, practices, and expertise evolved over time. In 2001, the company was purchased by John G. Frisch, the current Owner and President of Higher Information Group. Today, HIG continues to evolve and formulate new services that help businesses manage information, maintain compliance and develop processes that increase efficiency throughout the organization. HIG provides clients with services across six divisions including Business Equipment, IT Services, Recycled Shredding, Document Storage, Print & Mailing Services, and Web Development Services.

About York Mailing Services

York Mailing Services was founded in 1982. Operations began in the former Fishel’s Bakery facility. In 2000, YMS was purchased by Jack Sommer. As the organization’s President and CEO, he led the company’s strategic direction and day-to-day business activities including Presorted first-class mail, Data Processing, Order Fulfillment, Print Services and various other mailing services, helping clients create effective mailing campaigns from program design to completion of mailing projects.

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