How to use Email Marketing to Boost SEO

Feb 26, 2018 | Web Services

It’s easy to dismiss the idea of emails being used to boost your SEO, however, there are ways your ranking could benefit from these email marketing tips.

Email SEOIt’s easy to dismiss the idea of emails being used to boost your SEO because on the surface there does not seem to be any way one could directly influence the other. However, with some careful tweaking, there are ways your ranking could benefit from these email marketing tips.

Social Sharing

There is some debate as to whether or not social signals have a direct effect on ranking. A study of 23 million shares found that some of the top-ranked content on Google also had the most social media activity. So, how can you tie this to your email campaign? The simplest way is to make your content as easy to share as possible. Every article or newsletter should be accompanied by easy to find and use social sharing buttons. Also, don’t be afraid to ask at the end of your article or email for the user to click and share your content on social media.

Relevant Website Links

This may seem obvious, but often it goes overlooked when adding links to an email newsletter. It’s important to remember the person your emailing is interested in your services or product, hence why they are on your email list. So with this in mind, make sure you’re guiding them to relevant links on your website. Just dropping users off on your homepage will increase your bounce rate which can ultimately hurt your ranking. Delivering your readers to a landing page that further explores the user’s interest will help you generate quality traffic to your website.

Create Bookmark Content

We all have a handful of websites we bookmark because they contain valuable information that we keep referring back to over and over. This can also be true for an email. It can be challenging to get someone to open an email, and an even bigger struggle to catch someone’s attention before they delete your email. This is where quality content that not only speaks to your audience’s concerns but also provides solutions and resources that make your message worth saving for future reference.

Archive Newsletters

Just because you emailed, it doesn’t mean you can’t put it on your website. Having a catalog of your previous newsletters can be beneficial in multiple ways. First, as far as SEO goes, you can get your newsletter content indexed on Google by adding them as PDFs on your website. The second benefit has a quality showcase to incentivize visitors to sign up and start receiving emails, bringing us back to earlier strategies you can capitalize on help improve your ranking via email marketing.

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