Is it Time to Update Your Company’s Mailing Equipment?

Jun 21, 2019 | Business Equipment

Is it time to upgrade your company’s mailing equipment? Is your business able to remain competitive if you don’t? Read on to learn more…

For companies that rely on the U.S. Mail as an important communications channel, having in-house mailing solutions can increase productivity, help save on costs and provide more flexibility than working with an outside vendor.

But just like any kind of equipment or technology, mailing equipment has a limited lifespan. While the idea of keeping it around another year or two and saving on an upgrade may be appealing, it might not be the best business decision. If your old equipment is in working order but you’re not quite sure if it’s still delivering a competitive advantage, here are some indicators to help you gauge if it’s time for a mailing equipment upgrade.

Three Signs it may be time to upgrade your mailing equipment

Maintenance and Repair Costs Are Increasing – As your mailing equipment and its associated technology ages it will require more maintenance, malfunction more often and begin to slow down. Some related issues you might find:

  • The necessary updates, parts & supplies may become more expensive, difficult to find or obsolete.
  • Your equipment may have trouble communicating with newer devices.
  • A decline in quality or speed.
  • Older equipment tends to result in higher energy costs, while newer equipment is designed to be energy-efficient.

Functionality and Efficiency Are Decreasing – Your equipment could be struggling to keep up with today’s technology or your company’s more sophisticated processes. As businesses evolve, your equipment needs to keep pace for maximum efficiency. Here are some of the ways that aging equipment can be a drain on productivity:

  • You’ve made some changes to operations or your business model and your existing equipment is no longer suited to the needs of the business.
  • Your business has grown, and your older equipment can’t efficiently handle the current volume of work.
  • Equipment downtime impacts the productivity of your team and your workflow.
  • Lost productivity results in frustrated employees and business disruption.
  • Difficulty of use – With new equipment, capabilities continue to improve, and this usually includes being more user-friendly.
  • Reporting is cumbersome. Up-to-date equipment can deliver comprehensive reports for tracking mailing expenses and providing better reporting for accounting purposes.

Lack of Security Features – Keeping your business and your data safe, is a major concern in today’s world. There are likely more threats today than there were when you initially purchased your equipment.

The latest machinery can help ensure your business is in compliance and comes with password protected features allowing you to put internal controls in place. Additionally, document preparation and mail processing software can provide security by properly sorting & collating documents, protecting the integrity of the mailing.

When you compare the hard costs associated with loss of productivity and ongoing maintenance with the many advantages of upgraded equipment, it might become clear that now is the time and new mailing equipment aligns better with your business objectives!

Interested in learning more about how the latest mailing equipment and simplify and streamline your business? Contact our team, today.

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