Virtual Reality Marketing

Jan 30, 2017 | Web Services

Virtual Reality is no longer something from an 80’s sci-fi movie, it’s real, it’s here, and it’s awesome!

Virtual Reality

It is easy to dismiss virtual reality as a fad or a simple toy, but a close critical look at the capabilities of virtual reality showcase how VR can be (and already has for some) leveraged to achieve brand objectives. Every brand wants to supply their consumers with an immersive experience, and with household penetration of VR headsets on the rise, this seems like the perfect avenue for marketers.

So how can marketers accomplish growth with this new technology? Well, a few companies have already started answering that question:

  • Carnival: AT&T stores have VR demos that give customers the experience of a luxury cruise.
  • Samsung: Have a fear of heights or public speaking? Samsung can help with their VR programs that simulate some of the most common concerns people have to assist the participants with overcome those fears.
  • Best Western: In collaboration with Google Street View, Best Western Virtual Reality Experience (BWVRE) gives potential customers a tour of where they will be staying before booking a room.
  • Lexus: Take a test drive of a luxury compact crossover with Rewind’s VR Car Configurator and Simulator, creating an immersive brand experience for consumers.
  • Coca-Cola: Last year Coca-Cola used Oculus Rift to give thousands of people in Poland the experience of being Santa Claus for a day.

VR not only showcases products and services to consumers but can also build an emotional connection between brands and consumers through kinesthetic communication by just emailing a link to potential consumer’s smartphones. The experience, convenience, and potential of VR technology are worth thinking about when formulating a marketing plan.

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