Business Solutions

Our approach to IT business solutions is simple – plan, protect, and prevent. Let our information technology specialists carefully plan an environment tailored to your business needs.

Hosted Solutions

HIG manages the lifecycle of the hardware that you run within the data center and can provide you with the same features that Office 365 can with more control. Our techs and engineers will work to solve your issues for no additional fees or surprise support expenses. We also build custom Wireless Networks, VoIP phones, and Security Camera Systems. And don’t forget, we can host your information securely in our Tier 3 data center.

Rest assured that our IT experts will be monitoring your network constantly and making sure things are running smoothly.


Protect & Prevent Solutions

Our 24/7 monitoring maintains high levels of uptime on systems & infrastructure within our datacenter.


Server & Storage Solutions

Optimize your storage infrastructure by hosting your server here utilizing our backup solutions.


Greater Efficiency & Design

Ensure your employees have access to all files on your server, allowing work from anywhere at any time.


Dell Preferred Partner

We are recognized as experts in key Dell product and service areas, earning higher rewards & deal support.

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For small to medium size businesses we offer Full Business IT support and Help Desk services. We customize the services to fit the needs of your business.

Active Directory & Group Policy

Active Directory (AD) is a special-purpose database designed to handle a large number of read and search operations  Group Policy is the technology administrators used to manage enterprise users, desktops, and server configurations. With Group Policy, users can be automatically connected to a printer near them, map shared drives for authorized groups of users, set standard internet options, and much more!

Accounts & Shares

Accounts are simply the users that are authorized to be on your network, while your shares are a location on your network where your users can save and access their documents. We can configure your profile documents to sync with a private server share to allow users to seamlessly transition across multiple machines. Mitigate the risk of data loss by a single machine failure.


Higher Information Group ensures fast and easy protection of your files with backup, replication and recovery software. We deliver continuous data protection, which makes backing up your files fast and easy with near instant recovery times to get your business back up and running should disaster strike.

Distributed File System

A Distributed File System (DFS) allows multiple servers to simultaneously replicate files across all locations of your business. It allows multiple locations to collaborate on projects, as well as provide fault tolerance to allow files to be accessed even if a local server is unavailable.

Secure Network

We use the strongest encryption algorithms to protect your data. Encrypting communications requires no end-user or application modifications since encrypted packets are routed in an identical manner to unencrypted packets and easily traverse any network. This level of protection is required by HIPAA, PCI and other security compliances.

Secure Email

With our partnership with ZixCorp we can provide desktop email encryption that includes automated key management and delivery to anyone anywhere through a secure web portal. It can be used with any corporate or web-based email system, and optional plugins are available for full integration with Microsoft Outlook. If your recipient isn’t part of ZixCorp, the email will automatically be sent through a secure messaging portal that can be used to deliver a secure email to any address.


Higher Information Group monitors hosted services and client hardware 24×7 from our distributed monitoring system. Vital business services are automatically restarted if an outage is detected and traffic patterns are monitored to help identify network pain points, problematic devices or bandwidth usage concerns.

Hosted DNS

HIG will manage your domains, website, and SSL certificates for you. We will keep track of their expiration so you don’t have to worry about updating your DNS records or having your subscription lapse. We can guarantee fast performance, and an uptime of 99.9% with a secondary DNS, making your website available even if you experience a power outage.


There are many forms of redundancy, such as power (having multiple power supplies for instant replacement in case one fails), files (multiple file saves in case of hardware failure, so you do not lose your important or personal documents), storage (backups being saved in multiple locations in case of hardware failure), computer networks (if your local area network to internet connection goes down, your connection between other systems will not be broken), and more.

Remote Access

Higher Information Group can set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) so that you can work from anywhere with an internet connection. We can set up an encrypted tunnel to your server so you can securely access your documents, email, and printers from home.

Remote Apps

Higher Information Group supports Remote Apps. If you require a remote app for any of your applications, we can place them on a server for you. This server will do all of the processing for you which will ensure the apps are running quickly.

Single Sign-On

We use Microsoft’s ecosystem of products, so your password for your computer will be the password for your email. Additionally, we are experienced at inputting information into your Active Directory infrastructure using LDAP, so your username and password will be used for as many services as possible.

Web filtering is a key security requirement for almost any organization’s IT network. Web filtering is about controlling access to inappropriate or dangerous Internet content while ensuring you can access valuable content when you need to. There are always more websites to classify and web content can change minute-by-minute. Today, ContentKeeper’s web filtering solutions provide real-time, high-performance web content analysis, utilizing advanced heuristics and deep packet inspection.



ContentKeeper integrates a range of powerful, policy-based controls to enable your organization fine control over web use on any web-connected device located anywhere.



Utilize ContentKeeper’s web filtering to provide a productive and safe work or learning environment and to meet regulatory or legal compliance obligations.



ContentKeeper’s web filtering solutions provide real-time, high-performance web content analysis, utilizing advanced heuristics and deep packet inspection.

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