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LobbyGuard offers a full a full line of visitor management and front office automation products, including self-service kiosks as well as software-only solutions for customers of any size or industry.


LobbyGuard is a visitor management solution used by more than 300,000 visitors every week and can be used in almost any location to provide a safer and secure environment. LobbyGuard ensures that anyone passing through your building is approved and safe to be there after scanning the individual's ID. Every time an ID is scanned, it is compared against a "Red Flat List" of individuals that are either banned from your location or present on select criminal databases (Watch:  LobbyGuard flags sex offenders attempting to enter a school)

LobbyGuard Products

LobbyGuard products offer unique ways to address your front office security and automation needs. Each product uses a distinct set of hardware features to utilize the LobbyGuard Visitor Managment Software.

LobbyGuard Optio

  • Provides the flexibility of WiFi
  • Wireless visitor badge printer that can be attached directly to the LobbyGuard Kiosk, or attach the printer to a front desk PC
  • High-res camera, providing an accurate record of the visitor's appearance the day of the visit
  • Driver Licences scanning is built-in and scans any state driver license with 100% accuracy in less than one second with the included barcode scanner.

LobbyGuard Scout

  • All-in-one PC with integrated high-resolution camera, touchscreen monitor, audio speakers, Ethernet and HDMI ports and built-in WiFi capability
  • Visitor badge printer that can be attached directly to LobbyGuard Scout Kiosk or attach the printer to a front desk PC
  • Instantly scan the visitor driver license for increased security with the included barcode scanner
  • Tabletop stand with mounting pattern for securing to any surface and wireless keyboard/mouse included

LobbyGuard Go!

  • Intuitive interface runs on Apple or Andriod smartphones
  • Sign in hundreds of visitors in just a few seconds
  • Instant background checks, driver's license scan, visitor photo and badge printing are all supported
  • Provides a complete and secure method of signing in and out of buildings

LobbyGuard SL

  • Includes 8-megapixel camera, printer, barcode scanner and LobbyGuard Visitor Management software for installation on your PC hardware
  • Installs on most PCs to fit any budget
  • Contains all features of the LobbyGuard Visitor Management software and can network with any LobbyGuard product
  • Interface seamlessly with LobbyGuard Go! for smartphones

LobbyGuard in your Environment

LobbyGuard is a powerful, customizable option, system for screening, checking and tracking visitors to your school, government office, corporate facility and more. 


LobbyGuard kiosks and sign-in solutions in your school sends a message to all visitors that safety is a top priority. Track everyone who enters your campus and stop any threats at the door and make it easier to track sing in time, sign out time, reason for visit, who was visited and much more.


Track and manage your office visitors, sign in special visitors or day-to-day regular visitors, and track and review who is in your building in real-time. LobbyGuard corporate visitor management security system ensures that the thousands of employees, customers, and vendors passing through your corporate lobby are approved and safe to be in your building.


LobbyGuard meets the stringent requirements of local, state and federal government facilities around the country to balance the demand for public access and increased need for security. Performing instant background checks with LobbyGuard ensures that the thousands of visitors, employees, and vendors passing through your facility are approved and safe to be in your building.