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Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Our Voice over IP solution allows you to communicate across all of your devices, so you will never miss a message or meeting again.

Using Higher Information Group's VoIP solution we can provide you with extensive communication features that allow you to experience robust call control and support.

We can provide a Voice over IP solution delivered over affordable broadband service from our pulsar360-managed carrier service. You can save money and increase productivity by streamlining your communications into a single network connection for phone service.

  •  Set Your Ringtone
  •  Voicemail to Email
  •  Call Forwarding
  •  9 Call Lines
  •  Day/Night Control

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VoIP Phone

Other Features

  • DND
  • Call Queuing
  • Call Transfer
  • Paging & Auto Answer
  • Web call me
  • call waiting & call timer
  • Local 3-way conference
  •  Music on Hold
  •  Call Recording
  •  Intercom with Auto-Answer

What is Voip

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology refers to a series of transmission capabilities that make communication over the Internet a possibility. VoIP converts voice vibrations to compressed digital signals that translate to Internet Protocol (IP) packets. If the user has a regular telephone, these packets are transmitted and converted to a regular telephone signal.

In essence, VoIP allows computer users and businesses to make telephone calls from a desktop computer equipped with a VoIP phone. This allows you to access services and benefits unparalleled by traditional phones.


Our Disaster Recovery solutions are designed with multiple levels of redundancy, so you get control and flexibility while ensuring failover protection that is manageable by your team, or ours. Let us help preserve your communication capabilities regardless of what pressures have been placed on your business.


If your location fails to receive calls, we offer automated rerouting of calls between geographically diverse sites connected to our network, or to a designated off-site number, such as a cell phone or a landline. This allows you to maintain receipt of inbound calls in the event of a power, system, or circuit failure.


Our hosted PBX solution is the perfect back-up for your existing system. If your PBX (either premise-based or hosted) fails, or you lose connectivity to your system, the pulsar360-hosted PBX will deliver calls via an alternate route, if necessary. Our hosted PBX service is charged at a metered rate to help you save money.


This is the best line of defense in the event you lose your ability to work from your existing location due to a fire, storm, power outage, or other disasters. Simply send your employees to a remote location to work from our hosted PBX with a computer softphone, headset, and Internet connectivity. You may be able to resume critical functions in minutes at a temporary location.