K & W Engineers – Case Study

Mar 15, 2018 | Case Studies

K & W’s goal to revamp their IT department with up-to-date software and hardware that would keep their data safe began with a call to Higher Information Group.

K & W Engineers Challenges

  • IT Disaster Recovery: Lack of an IT Disaster Recovery infrastructure to assure business continuity.
  • IT Security: Outdated and misconfigured hardware and software distributed across multiple platforms and providers creating business risk.
  • IT Technology: Lack of up-to-date technology as the business continued to grow.
  • IT backup: no backup solution in place to prepare for potential critical issues.

The Business Case

Hosted Hybrid SolutionsK & W’s goal to revamp their IT department with up-to-date software and hardware that would keep their data safe, protected and provide them with peace-of-mind with disaster recovery and business continuity began with a call to Higher Information Group (HIG). HIG’s multipronged assessment to their IT and data center concerns were mapped out as solutions to their issues and were quickly formulated. A timetable was constructed with benchmarks as the project progressed.

Higher Information Group’s Managed IT Solutions

  • Unlimited Support Package with access to both helpdesk, infrastructure architects, and certified IT engineers
  • Multi-tier helpdesk allowed for faster remediation of issues
  • Implemented new IT hardware at all site locations with replications functionality to HIG Datacenter
  • Centralized IT Services between 2 redundant locations (one at the client’s headquarters and one within HIG Datacenter)
  • Provided Disaster Recovery and business continuity by providing highly available business critical system redundancy and a multi-location backup solution

HIG Delivers the Solution

HIG was able to provide K & W Engineers with a varied IT solution, covering multiple aspects for their client by converging the fractured IT infrastructure, preventing vulnerabilities from being exploited and leading to a costly digital catastrophe.



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