How Lancaster County Saved $44K a Year

Jun 27, 2018 | Case Studies

How Lancaster County saved $44,000 a year by switching to a single vendor.

Multiple Business Inefficiencies

  • Multiple Vendors: the reliance of numerous vendors led to countless redundant meetings.
  • Manual Order: county had to order their toner each time they needed it.
  • Multiple Contracts: multiple contracts to reconcile each month.
  • Equipment Returns: other vendors not assisting with returning equipment.

The Business Case

Efficiency with both time and money was something Lancaster County prioritized as they sought out new solutions to the ongoing issues their current system was responsible for creating. The county reached out to Higher Information Group (HIG) to streamline their existing processes, save money, implement a cost-per-copy program and use their buying power to get the best possible price.

Higher Information Group’s Business Equipment Solutions

  • Simplified the process with one lease, one partner, and one go-to person
  • The County saved $44,000 a year switching to one vendor
  • Improved efficiency saving the county time with a single vendor
  • Equipment was returned upon HIG buyouts


HIG Delivers the Solution

HIG conducted a full site survey, including several in-depth meetings with county department heads to bring all the county’s needs into focus. The County saw multiple tangible results by switching to one exclusive vendor. Providing Lancaster County with one lease, one partner, and one person to go to for all their business equipment needs to save them time and money allowing for a more efficient workflow.

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