What you should look for in your IT Support Provider

Jun 27, 2018 | IT Services

4 questions you should ask a potential IT support provider before signing up.

IT Helpdesk Support - Les with HeadsetHaving an IT Service Provider is a must, but before you make any long-term commitments, you should be asking a few questions first. By taking the time to discuss four points with a potential provider, you can save yourself a lot of time, money, and headaches in the future.

What is Your Response Time?

Every minute your system is down will cost your organization money whether it be customers not being able to process a transaction or idle employees unable to do their job. It’s important to know what kind of response time you will be facing should you have an issue.

What is Your Billing Process?

One of the best ways to prevent an IT company from nickel and diming you is to have a clear understanding of the billing process. Do they bill monthly, quarterly, yearly? Also, will you receive a fully itemized bill or will you be stuck paying a lump sum of money without really knowing what you’re getting?

What Proactive Solutions Do You provide?

While it is impossible to guess with 100% accuracy when something in the future might go wrong, or a breach might occur, it is possible to prepare for such events. Your IT provider should not only be able to tell you how it handles disasters, but also what steps they take to prevent such tragedies from happening in the first place. Too much reactive fire-fighting and not enough proactive support will continuously leave your organization vulnerable to downtime or breaches.

What is Your Turnover Rate?

This may seem like an unusual one, but it is essential for you to know. If you’re working with an IT company with a high turnover rate, you risk having to deal with a new person each time you call that is not familiar with your network. This leads to more extended downtime as the new person has to get up-to-speed on how your system is configured before they can even begin working on the problem. Also, because the new person is less familiar with your setup, there is an increased risk of the new person causing a secondary issue while attempting to fix the first one.


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