How to Make Your PDF SEO Friendly

Dec 19, 2017 | Web Services

Google first started indexing PDF files in 2001, presenting a huge opportunity to optimize them for SEO. Here are a few quick tips on how you can increase SEO traffic from a PDF.

PDFNaming Your PDF

You wouldn’t upload a photo named with a bunch of random letters and numbers, the same goes for PDFs. By taking some time to do some keyword analysis, you can craft a name for your document that will help you gain that extra SEO traffic.


Adding links that connect to relevant content on your website is a great way to signal to search engines that your PDF is of high importance and gives you the opportunity to gain authority should an external site link to your PDF.

Mobile First

This is an SEO mantra, and for good reason, as more users are surfing via mobile devices. Left aligning your content, keeping pages short and compressing images within the file, you can create a mobile-friendly PDF.

Keep it Readable

It might be tempting to just throw a bunch of paragraphs together and assume someone will read it, however, people have a finite amount of time to spend on your content. The best way to keep any reader’s attention is to break up your content with subheadings and short paragraphs. This makes it easier for users to read through your PDF and find the relevant information needed at a glance.

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