10 Photoshop Shortcuts for Beginners

Jan 22, 2018 | Web Services

Photoshop is an amazingly powerful tool and being able to quickly execute these simple commands will make your Photoshop adventure a bit smoother.

PhotoshopPhotoshop is an amazingly powerful tool. There’s so much potential that it can be overwhelming when you dive into your first project. One of the things that can boost your confidence is having a few shortcuts under your belt. Being able to execute these simple commands quickly will make your Photoshop adventure a bit smoother.


Cmd/Ctrl+Z is the universal “oops” shortcut, but Photoshop is a little different if you want to undo more than one action. Press Cmd/Ctrl+Alt+Z lets you cancel more than just one previous action.


Having a quick way to close out all of your documents can come in handy. To do so, Shift-Click any image window’s close icon.

Quick Layer Merge

If you have a lot of layers that can be condensed, press Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E to merge a copy of all layers.

Fit Screen

Press Cmd/Ctrl+0 to resize your picture to fit on the screen.

Filling Selections

Once you have your selection made, press Shift+F5 to fill your selection.

Brush Size and hardness

When touching up a photo, you might need to adjust your brush accordingly quickly. Use ] and [ to change your brush size, and use } and { to increase/decrease brush hardness.

Quick Resizing

Sometimes you need to adjust and resize your image, and the quickest way to do that is to activate the free transform tool by pressing Cmd/Ctrl+T.

Quick Save for Web

Photoshop does a great job of exporting high-quality images. However, those massive files aren’t always web friendly. A quick fix for this is to press Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+Opt+S to save your project for web and devices.


So, let’s say you made your selection on a layer in Photoshop, did what you needed to do, and now you’re ready to move on from that selection. Just hit Cmd/Ctrl+D to clear the selected area instantly.

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