Signs Your Smartphone May Have a Virus

Aug 1, 2018 | IT Services

When you hear terms like virus, malware, or Trojan it is easy to associate them with computers. However, smartphones can be just as susceptible to such attacks.

AppsWhen you hear terms like virus, malware, or Trojan, it is easy to associate them with computers. However, smartphones can be just as susceptible to such attacks. These intrusions can expose your data to hackers who can resell that information to other criminals. Here are some warning signs that your smartphone might have a virus.

Spike in Data Usage

It’s easy to forget you’re not on Wi-Fi and start download music and watching a few videos. However, when you find your data being chewed up faster than average, it could be a sign of a highly malicious infection that is using your phone’s data source for ads, or even worse, transmitting data from your phone.

Reduced Battery Life

Based on your daily usage you can typically gage about how much battery life on average you use. If you find that your battery is only lasting a fraction of its standard time, then you might want to consider the possibility of an infection. The easiest way to investigate your quickly draining battery is to inspect the battery section of your phone in the settings. Here you will be able to identify which app is using the most battery life, which brings us to the next sign.

Random Apps

If you’ve identified an app that is using a lot of battery power, but you don’t remember downloading it, don’t’ worry. You’re not going crazy. The chances are good that you never downloaded it in the first place. Random apps appearing on your phone is another sign of a malicious bug. Do not open or interact with a suspicious app, just delete it.

Phone is Lagging

Sure, smartphones lag for various reasons that are not always due to an infection, but if you find your phone continually lagging, and overheating at times, then there might be something more going on. Malware tends to use up a lot of a device’s resources, hence the battery draining, data usage, and even the device becoming extremely hot despite how little you are using your smartphone.


Yes, just like your computer, smartphones can be susceptible to pop-ups as well. So if you find random, suspicious-looking, pop-ups suddenly appearing on your smartphone, then you may have an infection.

How to Prevent an Infection

One of the easiest ways to keep your smartphone safe, much like your computer, is to keep it updated and backed up. You can also look into downloading a reputable anti-virus software for your device as well.

What to do if a Device is Infected

Before you begin investigating the possible cause for any of the symptoms listed above, put your phone in airplane mode. This will prevent any data from being sent or received from any malicious apps. Once you’ve done that, go through your apps and uninstall anything you don’t recognize. Again, a reputable anti-virus app can help as well. Sometimes a factory reset will work; however, anything not backed up will be lost.

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