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May 6, 2015 | IT Services

One Dual-Stack data center for two clouds gives you endless possibilities. We’ve added IPv6 to help keep you connected.

Stay ConnectedThe internet as we know it has become two entities: version 4 and version 6. Since these clouds are unable to communicate with each other directly it’s necessary to start running both to avoid limitations in the future. To prepare for this, Higher Information Group has added IPv6 to its data center for full IPv4 and IPv6 ‘Dual-Stack’ connectivity.

An enormous advantage to IPv6 is the removal of NAT (Network Address Translation) which is helpful for direct communications such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Typically each device in your network shares a single public IP address, meaning the internet cannot determine by IP address if a request is coming from your laptop, desktop, phone or TV.

Picture trying to stay in a hotel where the concierge doesn’t give you a floor or room number, just a blank key. This is why IPv6 was designed, to give every device in your network a unique and directly addressable public IP.

Now all of our core services, like email, web, and DNS (Domain Name System), are enabled for Dual Stack IPv4/IPv6 Connectivity. * Should you access Facebook, Google, YouTube, Akamai, LinkedIn or Yahoo from your Verizon Wireless phone today, there’s a 63.19% chance you’re already using IPv6, and a 27.08% chance with AT&T. We think it’s important to stay current, which means you don’t have to worry about falling behind, or losing your way. As always, Higher Information Group continues to offer cutting edge technology to clients of all sizes. We will continually provide enterprise level hosting, support, and maintenance without compromise.

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