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Database Solutions

Higher Information Group's development experts can provide you with the proper database that suits your needs.

What do we provide?


Our web applications are reliable, secure and cost-effective. We design and develop a web-based solution using a Content Management System or custom solution products for initiating and running new project ideas.


Whether receiving a custom, integrated, or stand alone database you have access to a front-end platform allowing control and monitoring capabilities. Upon request, we can include FTP access, bandwidth, and speed monitoring.

Custom Database Solutions

Higher Information Group can provide your company with many tailored features infused with your website. If your company relies on donations, we can create any field to store and track key information for auditing and reports.

Have an upcoming event and want to track who attended and who didn’t? Does your office equipment that needs to be signed out? This is as simple as generating barcodes and scanning them from your phone which will be linked to a website and database, that can then generate and export a report.

The possibilities are endless and can be customized to fit what you need to help you expand your company.

Web-Based Applications

A web-based application refers to any program that is accessed over a network connection using HTTP, rather than existing within a device’s memory.

An example of this can be found through a recent solution we provided. The client wanted to be able to display information to their employees, volunteers, clients, and visitors easily, while showcasing only certain pages in particular, throughout areas of the company.

Our solution was Pi Management, where you can have unlimited Raspberry Pi’s linked to information accessible over the web.

Once the Pi turns on, it will automatically register with your company and cycle through pages that you have set. Entering in a description allows you to quickly determine where the Raspberry Pi is located in your company.

After the Pi is registered, you are able to display a Google Doc, Online PDF, or a website easily by adding an entry and clicking update.

If you have a slide that is temporary but wants to save it for the future, you can simply deactivate the slide.

For more information on our web base applications please contact our inside sales at (717) 652-3310.