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Digital Marketing

We can design and develop a website to match an already established brand or we can establish your brand and then create a website to compliment. We will make your website mobile friendly, help you with your branding & identity, and create a marketing strategy that will resonate.



Marketing Analysis

Higher Information Group’s market analysis comes from our understanding and constant awareness of an evolving digital marketplace and the challenges presented to brand's connecting to consumers. The goal behind our market analysis is to identify, develop and execute opportunities to help your brand establish a presence in the marketplace.


Creative Marketing Solutions

All of our marketing professionals understand that the online market is extremely competitive and we work hard to develop a review of known challenges and a strategy that will define success with every client. Our Creative Brainstorming process will provide you with a marketing edge and allow you to stay competitive. 


Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy is the development and implementation of the marketing analysis. It involves bringing together consumer insights, brand immersion, and competitive mapping to create a dynamic campaign that will maximize ROI. We will work with you to figure out your needs bringing together your knowledge and our professional assistance to show you all the potential growth your company’s market can achieve.


Social Media

Higher Information Group can help you gain traffic by spreading your web presence through various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram with a highly focused marketing campaign. We will partner with you to create engaging content to spark conversations about your brand with your audience.

Now is the perfect time to start strategizing and executing a social media marketing campaign to help your brand reach new heights by communicating with your audience on a personal level and developing a journey between customers and your brand.

PR & Communications

Public Relations

Data that leads to insights on your audience is at the heart of a strong PR campaign. We utilize multi-platform solutions to influence the engagement and visibility between brands and consumers. Our PR experts will develop and employ insightful, multimedia campaign programs consisting of:

  • Integrated Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Event Marketing
  • Product Integration
  • Media Partnerships


SEO and SEM Services

Higher Information Group is committed to providing unique insights, high-impact, proactive ideas that elevate business by reaching all of your potential customers. Our SEO & SEM specialists possess a strong ongoing understanding of digital media trends and how to leverage lead-generating, multi-platform tools to reach your company's goals and create an immersive brand experience. We will work with you to create and manage an effective PPC campaign to help drive traffic to your website.