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Jan 3, 2017 | Web Services

Technical jargon aside, CMS is a term you will want to remember. Content Management Systems, or CMS, allowing you to easily add and edit your own website content.

Technical jargon aside, CMS is a term you will want to remember. Content Management Systems, or CMS, allows you to add and edit your website easily.

These systems often include media library management, for you to upload and visually review photos and other media for your website.

The CMS interface is built with user-friendliness in mind. You won’t need to understand how to code in order to update your own website. Changing your website is as easy as typing into a standard text editor, with many even offering drag-and-drop functionality for adding pictures to your content.

Often a CMS is thought of as only a blog, for sharing text and ideas. In reality, your website can sell products, display photo or product galleries, require memberships and much more. One of the significant benefits of a CMS is the user authentication and management. You can have employees, followers, customers, or even paid memberships for premium content using these features.

Where custom websites offer unlimited customizations to meet your needs, there are additional features, known as plugins, that can be added at any time to enhance the functionality of your website. Plugins can range from photo galleries to complete billing and customer management integration.

While plugins offer endless possibilities, using too many or installing unnecessary plugins can slow your site down, or even cause errors if the logic conflicts between plugins.

Themes are similar to plugins, but instead of functionality, themes provide a change in design and layout to your site. Changing a theme does not remove your content, but instead improves the appearance of how it is displayed.

With so many options available for customization, it’s easy to forget that internet security issues could still occur, which is why initial setup and customization is a popular choice, even for those who prefer the self-managed CMS website. By allowing a professional creation of your site, you can avoid the possible headaches that speed and security issues can generate.

Once your new CMS is up and running, you can take charge of when your content is updated, and how often. Do you have a significant event or a great article that you would like to add to your website, even at midnight? There’s no need to wait until standard business hours to request the change post immediately from anywhere.

With mobile applications for many CMS platforms, you can now even control where your content is published. WordPress offers free mobile apps that can also let you snap pictures and post in real-time. Visiting a conference, and want to share an idea while you’re there? No problem with a Content Management System!

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