York College Reduces Costs Campus-Wide with Bulk Mailing

Jun 25, 2018 | Case Studies

Struggling with bulk mail needs, York College turns to Higher Information Group to improve their workflow and provide affordable First-Class solutions.

PresortStruggling with Bulk Mail Needs

Bulk Mail: Lack of an adequate workflow in place.
Mail Pricing: Need for affordable First-Class solutions.

The Business Case

York College was looking for a vendor to execute bulk mailing services while also providing a discount on First-Class Mail metered mail that the college sends out on a daily basis. The College reached out to Higher Information Group (HIG) to conduct a survey of the college’s current mailing workflow and provide a viable solution to their needs.

Higher Information Group’s Mailing Service Solution

Created Pricing to beat their current vendor
Offered a $.016 discount on 1oz First-Class letter-size mail.
Offered a $.102 discount for First-Class flat-size mail.
Implemented an efficiently scheduled pickup system for all their bulk mail needs.

HIG Delivers the Solution

HIG was able to provide York College with an efficient bulk mailing solution, covering critical concerns for their client by providing cost-saving measures campus-wide.

HIG Bulk Mail

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